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“It’s time to get to know Vajra” according to Loudwire Magazine. Dubbed a “Must-See Act” by Rolling Stone Magazine and one of the “Most underrated bands” by AXS Magazine, Vajra uniquely blends hauntingly dark and hypnotic melodic, progressive rock with Eastern Indian themes into foreboding and mysterious lullabies.

According to AXS, "Vajra is really something special and have managed come up with a completely new sound of metal. They bring mystical, moody and haunting melodies to the stage that are completely entrancing. Lead singer Annamaria Pinna’s voice and presence was captivating."

“Their live show is like a cathartic punch in the face” says Creem Magazine, and the band was accordingly selected to perform at the Loudwire Music Festival and Rock-fest, Texas Showdown Festival, CMJ, SXSW and Bratfest.

Vajra’s new single, "The Mirror" debuted #1 Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Most Added Chart and debuted #38 Billboard Mainstream Rock Indicator Chart and #47 Under the Radar Chart. "Inside The Flame" charted #37 on the Under The Radar Chart.

Vajra’s DIY videos for three of their singles - The Mirror, Inside The Flame (Rapid Oxidation Mix) and 3.14 (Water Mix) - were featured on the Loudwire Top 10 Rock & Metal Video Countdown. Both "Inside The Flame" and "3.14 (Water Mix)" were on the Countdown for a combined total of 37 weeks and were subsequently retired as the longest tenured videos on the Countdown. The band also was #1 of the Reverbnation Alternative Rock Music Chart for NYC for 10+ consecutive weeks. Vajra’s music will leave you spell-bound.

Vajra was formed by Annamaria Pinna during her self-imposed exile in India. Vajra’s music is hauntingly dark and hypnotic-- weaving Eastern Indian themes with melodic, progressive rock-- creating foreboding and mysterious lullabies. Their debut album “Pleroma” was released on the Summer Solstice, 2012 (6.21.12).

Pleroma is an exploration in paradox (east vs. west, soft vs. pummelling, female vs. male) and includes Blake Fleming (ex-The Mars Volta) on drums. Sylvia Massy (Tool, System of A Down, Prince, Johnny Cash) co-produced the vocals and mixed. Tom Baker (NIN, Foo Fighters, Ministry, Prince) mastered.

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Annamaria Pinna - Voice

The child of a former monk and school teacher, Annamaria was encouraged to learn about the world around her and to question her assumptions. She believes there is divinity in creativity. Annamaria has a neurological condition called synesthesia, where she attaches color and shapes to sound. Anna began playing violin at age 6 and then switched to the flute when she was 9. Anna wrote her first lyrics when she was 8. She later studied music theory at the Juilliard Institute and voice with Barbara Mestre, Francesca Mondanaro and Katie Agresta.  Anna’s lyrics canvass spirituality, politics, self discovery, the corporate machine, nonduality and consciousness.


Dave Sussmann - Guitar

Best known as the lead guitarist in New York's industrial pioneers BILE during their most prolific "Sex Reflex/Demonic Electronic" period, Dave Sussmann brings an element to Vajra that combines influences that range from Pink Floyd to Jane's Addiction and Ministry.


Shusuke Inaba - Drums

Born in Sapporo, Japan, Shu started playing drums mainly because he wanted to be popular with the girls but was too shy to play anything in the front of the stage. He is completely self-taught and specializes in the hard-hitting style of Keith Moon and Chad Smith. He believes music is one of the best spices in life. Cooking is another one of his hidden talents.


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